How does SEOkay work?

SEOkay is the most user friendly tool to optimize all your texts for search engines. No matter if you want to optimize your website, blog or all your social media pages. Let’s tell you how it works:

1. Import an existing web page or create a new page

With SEOkay you can optimize existing web pages for search engines. Just copy and page the URL ( = web address) of the web page you want to optimize for search engines and SEOkay will import your web page text automatically. Of course you can also optimize new web texts or blogposts from scratch.

2. Set your search

Next tell us what you want to sell (or tell) to the world. SEOkay will come up with a list of relevant keywords that help Google classify your content and serve it to the right people. Do you recognize keywords which better fit your business? Set a new search and see if you get even better keyword results to be applied in your text.

3. Improve your content with our SEOkay editor

After setting your search you can optimize your web content with our magnificent SEOkay editor. It is all about creating the right structure, content, markup and hyperlinks.  No need to learn about SEO or HTML. With SEOkay you can do all this SEO stuff yourself. The only thing you have to do is apply the advice provided by SEOkay. Our state of the art technology will do the rest.

4. Copy SEOkay content into your website or blog

When your text is SEO proof according to SEOkay you can copy your content and paste it into the content management system of your website, blog or social media page. Often you can paste plain text. Sometimes you will need an HTML version — which is provided by SEOkay of course. Do you have a custom website? Are you a copywriter which provides texts to third parties? No problem: you can share your optimized SEOkay content via a pre-formatted email which contains both a plain text version and an HTML version of your content.

Bonus: Add metadata to your content

Metadata are very important because that’s what people will see when they search for your products or services. Don’t worry: with SEOkay adding metadata to your web page is a piece of cake. Just fill out our special form and SEOkay’s preview will show you how this information will be presented on Google search result pages. Not satisfied with the result? No problem. You can change metadata for your web page anytime.

Create new business opportunities with SEOkay

SEOkay helps you create numerous new business opportunities by driving more people to your website, blog or social media pages. Do you want more people visiting your website without spending thousands of dollars on SEO? Then the time is right to start with SEOkay now. You can try it for free!

Show me how SEOkay works SEO has never been this easy.