Can a SEO expert add value?

Data driven SEO professionals can help you push your web content to the very limits of search engines. Based on deep knowledge of SEO and many years of practical experience. No doubt about that. But with expert knowledge comes expert pricing. Think of 10,000 to 50,000 USD for optimizing a mid sized website. Not to mention that SEO is on ongoing effort. No problem of course for multinationals like Coca Cola, Netflix or Microsoft. In fact these companies throw millions of dollars to SEO each month optimizing each piece of content that gets published. For Google, Bing, Yahoo and maybe even Duckduckgo. They can afford to hire the best in class to rank high in each search engine. So to answer the question above: Can a SEO expert add value? Yes, a very good SEO expert can add value. A lot of value.

When to hire a SEO expert?

We think your company should hire a top notch SEO expert if you make millions of dollars of revenue. Or if your ambition is to get you there very fast and you have the budget. A qualified SEO expert will take you by the hand and deliver the results you would expect from a pro. Be cautious however with hiring "experts" who charge you a few thousand dollars to generate some standard SEO reports and next leave you alone in the SEO dust. These people are not worth the money.

When to do SEO yourself?

Make no mistake: SEO is a must to get you more visitors on your website. Are you a small business owner who goes for more revenue via higher rankings? Is the marketing budget for your startup smaller than your ambitions? Forget about hiring an expert or agency. We strongly advise you to do search engine optimization yourself. Your website, web shop or blog will outperform 99% of other websites if you get the SEO basics right.

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