Not every business can afford a SEO expert

1% of companies can afford spending 10,000 USD or more on search engine optimization each year. The other 99% of businesses have not optimized their website for search engines. Or maybe they did a one time SEO effort some years ago. However that’s not what SEO is all about. Websites need fresh content on a regular basis to rank higher in Google. Blog posts should be optimized as well to get noticed. Question is: can your customers afford hiring a SEO expert every time new content is created? Probably not. So there is a big opportunity for you as a professional copywriter, blogger or content marketer: offer top quality SEO services on top of your core business. But where to start?

Learn about SEO? Use SEO tools?

You could spend hundreds of hours on learning more about SEO. Here’s some good tips to start with. And of course you could make use of tools which were created for SEO experts. See for example Moz or Ahrefs. Big chance you will be overwhelmed by SEO complexity leading you away from your core job: producing great content for your customers. So what’s the alternative?

With SEOkay you can do SEO yourself

Our SEOkay technology was developed with content professionals like you in mind. No need to learn about SEO or use complex SEO tools. No need to depend on a SEO specialist. With SEOkay you can do SEO yourself and make sure your customers websites or blogs will outperform 99% of all websites with respect to SEO. Every time you deliver new content.

What’s important as well: SEOkay is fun to use. It helps you being more productive. And you should be able to get higher rates: SEO pays!

Try SEOkay for free We promise: you will be surprised.