SEO should be easy, cheap and fun

As small business owners we discovered that hiring a SEO expert is not the best way to start with search engine optimization. We paid thousands of dollars for SEO and all we got was some non actionable reports. After this first shock we realized that a website needs fresh content on a regular basis. Copywriters however didn’t feel comfortable with the SEO tools that experts use.

Because we didn’t want to pay twice every time we needed a new piece of content we decided to dig further into the world of SEO and see if we could do better. It became our mission to take the complexity away from SEO and develop a professional SEO tool which is easy, cheap and fun to use.

Building a top quality SEO tool. For you

It took us many hours of research to understand the ins and outs of SEO. It took us even more to develop SEOkay. And we were so lucky to get all this feedback from ambitious professionals like you who were were willing to test. With their help and valuable input we were able to create one of the best and most user friendly SEO tools on the market today.

With SEOkay you get live SEO advice while creating great content. No hassles with an external SEO tool. Imagine how much time that will save you! Find the best keywords. See which keyphrases make the difference. Structure your copy the way Google likes it. Impress your customers or colleagues while sharing your content. We promise: you will be surprised by SEOkay. So why not try? There’s no obligations, no risk.

Start your free SEOkay trial now It saves you money. It’s fun to use!