How to get more vis­i­tors on your web­site?

One of the most im­por­tant ways to sell more on­line is to get higher rank­ings on Google. A higher rank­ing means that more peo­ple will see your com­pany name or prod­uct ap­pear in search re­sults. Lead­ing to more vis­i­tors of your web­site, web­shop or blog. Leading to… OK. We are pretty sure you can fill out the rest your­self. But how on earth will you get these higher rank­ings? How will more peo­ple visit your web­site? Well. That’s what we call the noble art” of search en­gine op­ti­miza­tion or SEO.

How to do SEO?

You could spend hours and hours on read­ing about search en­gine op­ti­miza­tion. If you are in­ter­ested: this is a good start. Read all this stuff and more so you can start op­ti­miz­ing your web­site next year. Better things to do? Then you could hire a SEO ex­pert of course. Big chance you will be charged a few thou­sand dol­lars for a stan­dard re­port which will bring you noth­ing. So, what’s next?

Let SEOkay do the SEO heavy lift­ing for you

Are you a busi­ness owner, copy­writer, con­tent mar­keter or blog­ger? No time to learn about SEO? No bud­get for a real SEO ex­pert? Then SEOkay is the per­fect so­lu­tion for you. SEOkay helps you get found by Google, Bing or Yahoo with­out the need of hir­ing a SEO ex­pert. How? Import your ex­ist­ing web page or start writ­ing copy from scratch and do ex­actly what SEOkay tells you. Just fol­low the ad­vice. Step by step. Simple as that. Our tech­nol­ogy takes care of the rest. For a frac­tion of the cost of a SEO ex­pert.

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